Clockwork Heart

Last night I finished my latest ebook acquisition, Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti. The book is billed as a steampunk romance and delivers fast paced action alongside a well thought out world which had me turning the pages obsessively.

The world that Pagliassotti envisions practically jumps from the pages with it’s vividly painted society dependant on large clockwork computers, programmed by punch cards and run by steam. Doesn’t that just make your little steampunk soul soar?

The main character, Taya, is an icarus that flies over the city of Ondinium on metal wings. In a city where everything and everybody is segregated by caste, she is one of the few that is allowed unrestricted access to all parts of the city. Her interaction with the other characters had me delighted and unwilling to return to the real world.

This is the perfect book for those, who like me, are prolific readers and have become rather jaded by the shameless repetition on offer in the fantasy genres these days. Clockwork Heart is a fresh original story that will appeal to most fantasy readers and more so to all steampunk fans.

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