Dante Valentine | Urban fantasy meets Cyberpunk

When I first read on of Lilith Saintcrow’s books, I thought she was enjoyable enough, but not one of those authors I would put on my “must have” list. That was until I read the first Dante Valentine book, Working for the Devil. I didn’t know much about the series, but thought I should at least read the first book to see whether it was worth getting the rest. Was I in for a surprise! This book is gritty, brash and just like the main character, takes no prisoners.

Dante “Danny” Valentine is a hardcore, independent Necromance who has made her reputation through sheer determination. Set in a futuristic society that blends cyberpunk with urban fantasy, the blend of tech and myth meshes into a dark backdrop for Danny’s brush with the Devil.

As a trained Necromance, Danny can raise the dead with the best of them and has made a reputation for herself as one of the few psions that can back up her talent with and equal amount of fire power. She pays off her mortgage by working as a Bounty Hunter and her success lies in her ability to pick the right jobs. But one Monday morning all her carefully laid plans go straight to hell when the Devil’s number one minion shows up at her door with an offer she can’t refuse. Eliminate a rogue demon or die.
Dante takes this in her stride but when she is saddled with the Devil’s right hand man to keep an eye on her she is less than thrilled. She works alone and doesn’t need a babysitter.

I loved Dante’s let’s get on with it attitude. No matter how hard life (or the Devil’s nasty job) knocks her, she’s always ready with a smart remark and more bad attitude than you can comfortably fit into one small package. Her  burgeoning fascination for the demon that becomes her keeper moves the story into territory that is fascinating and not always comfortable.

Working for the Devil was a great romp and the further I got into it, the more real the world it inhabits became. The blend of technology with a host of mythological creatures we normally see in the more popular vampire series is managed with flair. Not once did I think to ask for my money back. In fact, I’m ready for more!

I have already started on the next book and if the first is any indication, I won’t be disappointed.


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