Fleshing out ideas

Watching the world go by

The hardest part of a new design for me is taking what seem like a great idea in my head and getting it to work in the real world. People are often shocked when I tell them how long it takes to make a decent illustration. There seems to be a misconception that making art / design is quick and easy. And to be fair, I know some artists who do manage to produce quality work in very little time. Unfortunately this is not the case for all of us.

In this post I’ll start to share my creative process with you as I work on my next design. I wanted to work some more on an idea I had for a previous illustration since I feel that the idea is unfinished. The original illustration was called “Watching the world go by” and has a bunny sitting on the moon.

I decided that I wanted to focus more on the bunny and his moon. In order to make sure that I don’t run into difficulties with the design later I always do a lot of preparation sketches. In the image on the left you can see that I’m very undecided about what attitude the bunny will have on his moon. At the time I finished this sketch I was convinced that I found the correct bunny. Boy was I wrong. A friend pointed out that the first illustration reminded her of the “Little Prince” and I realised that my bunnies were simply too perky. So I’ll be back at the drawing board again as soon as there is time to play again.

Click on the images to view the larger versions.

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