Hearts and Minds

In my quest to find interesting new reading matter I came across the Impulse Power Stories. So far there are 3 novellas set in the Impulse Power universe (available separately as ebooks) . What a wonderful find.

I started with Hearts and Minds by J.C. Hay and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the story drew me in. It is a quick read and I finished it in an evening. However, I want more!  This little taste of Impulse Power has definitely not been enough.

The story follows Syna Davout, a pirate captain for hire. We meet her on her first job in almost a year. What she doesn’t realise is that she is being used as a distraction for and assassination attempt. Fortunately for the target, Galen Fash, Syna has a bone to pick with the assassins and ends up with Galen as an unexpected passenger. Not entirely pleased with his presence on her ship she nonetheless decides to help him on his mission to buy time for the revolution on his home world.

The warning included in the synopsis is worth including here:
Warning: this book contains Space Vikings, gossipy AIs, boxing-as-foreplay, rogue telepaths and a demanding pirate captain who likes to be in charge

J.C. Hay weaves a compelling story and one can’t help but identify with the characters.  I found his writing style comfortable to read. Definitely the type of author you can pick up any time and read without effort. You can go visit Hay’s blog to find out more about the author and his other works. I can’t wait for some full length novels from him!

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