Hunted, compelling dark fantasy

In my search for new authors I came across this gem from S.W. Vaughn. The story revolves around Grace Carrington, the runaway daughter of a rich socialite. She funds her fugitive lifestyle from casino winnings gained with the help of her new found psychic powers, but these same powers make her a target. What she doesn’t know is that she is a nehpilim – half angel, half human – and the angels are actively exterminating nephilim.

Vaughn weaves a compelling story around Grace. The action moves fast and the book delivers some good surprises along the way. Not all is as it seems and Grace has to make the right decisions about who she can trust with her life. Vaughn’s characters are vividly drawn and forces one to either root for them or loathe them. There is no middle ground in this book.

I appreciated the way modern day technology was incorporated in this book. Often the author adds as an afterthought only to establish that the character is living in today’s world. Call it a pet hate, but it irks me when authors don’t make use of the technology available to them. The fact that Grace is comfortable with her laptop makes her seem more like part of the 21st century and therefore more believable.

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