Oh look, a squirrel! and some interesting stealth items.

Yes, I’m still here. It’s been a bit crazy since I’ve signed up for some contract work, but I promise to keep the blog updated as and when I can with interesting bits and pieces.

Speaking of which – I came across some great anti-theft devices while surfing (and generally just bumming around) the intrawebs. As an avid gadgeteer, the thought of someone nicking my toys is utterly horrifying and I’ll go to great lengths to protect said toys. And here is where I have to admit that my food is included in that statement.  Below is my list of must haves to conceal your tech and sammiches.

Undercover Laptop Sleeve

This is the item that got me started down the anti-theft track. I coveted this sleeve the moment I laid eyes on it. Never mind that I prefer backpacks – this is the kind of product one changes preferences for.

The sleeve looks exactly like an old manilla envelope. The attention to detail is what has me drooling. They have the battered look and the fake address and postage stamp down perfectly. The site does warn against leaving your cleverly disguised laptop lying near mail / courier pick-up points, as you might end up chasing after a delivery van.

What makes this little gem even  more desirable is the fact that it will fit any size laptop. No size discrimination against those of us that haul our portable desktops around everyday.

Anti Theft Lunch Bags

Now this is a truly nifty little item. An innocuous little sandwich bag which makes your lunch instantly undesirable to the casual office lunch thief. The only risk is that somebody might decide that your sammich is too disgusting to keep in the fridge…

DIY Anti-Theft

For those of us that really can’t spend any more money on gadget protection, here is a great idea by Jimmy Rodgers. He took this little camera, taped it up, took off all the shiny bits and used a marker on the tape. During his stay in Brazil no-one even looked twice at it – not even the muggers that stole his cellphone.  It definitely looks like uglifying your stuff can be a very good protective strategy. You can read more about it on his blog.

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