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What to read next?Keeping your reading list fresh and interesting can be quite a challenge. Most authors don’t produce books as fast as we can read them and this can leave you at a loose end. Fortunately, finding interesting books to keep you entertained while waiting for the next exciting instalment from your favourite authors does not have to be difficult. Apart from the the great book catalogue sites like LibraryThing and GoodReads there are a few quick recommendation sites for those (like me) that are in a rush to find the next exciting thing.

The first of these is The Book Seer and it is probably my favourite. Here you type in the last book you read and the site provides you with 2 suggestion lists. One from Amazon (not that great, since it contains mostly books from the same author) and the other from LibraryThing, which has a very nice selection of suggestions to pick from. The suggestions also link to the book page in both Amazon and LibraryThing where you can find out more about each book.

The second book recommendation site is BookWhack. Here you can type in a genre, keyword or a book that you like. Based on your input the site generates some interesting suggestions. They’re linked to Amazon, so you can find user reviews and a synopsis on the books that interest you. I quite liked this one since the recommendations show you the book cover and I think we’re all agreed that one can judge a book by it’s cover.

The last option is not an automated one, but rather a quick way of getting a well read person’s opinion. Paul Constant is a human library and will make book recommendations based on your requirements. He has an unbelievable knowledge and can comment on most genres. (I’m not going to say all, since I havent’ read through all his answers yet). But reading through some of the questions he’s already answered was an education in itself.

This should put you on the road to some interesting discoveries for those lulls where you’ve run out of ideas on reading material. Let me know if you’ve found similar sites that have proven helpful.

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