Happy Snak | Aliens need snack food too

Happy Snak by Nicole Kimberling is one of those serendipitous finds that crosses one’s path all too seldom.  I came across it in one of the newsletters that I subscribe to and the synopsis intrigued me immediately. The book was even better than the synopsis.

The story revolves around Gaia Jones, an entrepreneur who’s only desire is to make a name for her snack bar on A-Ki station. Unfortunately fate interferes when she rushes to the aid of a dying alien. And not just any alien, but Kenjan, the lover of the alien leader, Oziru. Events take an even stranger turn when Oziru asks Gaia to be the guardian of Kenjan’s ghost. Trapped between the human government and alien authorities on A-Ki station, Gaia can’t refuse their generous offer of a new shop in return for her services as guardian. After all, how much trouble can one alien ghost be?

This is a wonderful novel – I can not say it enough! I bought it as an ebook and my thumb was sore from clicking the page turn button on my reader. Gaia’s practical approach to all that life throws at her in the midst of some very strange events kept me completely engrossed and very entertained. Her interaction with Wave, the slave she inherits from Kenjan, is hilarious and sad by turns and provided me with a lot of laugh out loud moments.

Happy Snak was sold as fantasy, but I would definitely class it as science fiction with a touch of romance. It certainly is the freshest take on the sci-fi genre I’ve seen in a while and if you’re tired of the same old same old, I would recommend you give this quirky story a try.

As with most of the books from Samhain, this one also has a warning in the synopsis. It’s true about the clams.

Warning: This book contains excessive consumption of clams and clam-based snacks. Also, gratuitous abuse of orange dye, as well as summary decapitation, forbidden love, alien sex and one beloved hamster named Microbe.

Nicole Kimberling is now firmly on my list of favourite authors and I’m looking forward to trying another one of her books. You can view   Nicole Kimberling’s website here


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