Fleshing out ideas | Part 3

Yes, I’m still alive. Surprisingly work has not managed to completely annihilate me. Yet. There has actually been some time to work on my t-shirt design and finish it off as initially intended. And today I intend to start on the next design. There are steampunk visions behind my eyes…

The Dark Side of the MoonThis time the changes to my moon bunny design are subtler colour changes and the addition of fine detail which was missing from the original. I think the blue softens the image and the ground details to the asteroid (or as my husband calls it – the World War II ship mine) help to make it more interesting to look at. You’ll notice that I discarded the green on the carrot leaves, as the design had become too colourful. Too much colour is always a problem I have to watch out for when designing since I love bright, vibrant colours and lots of them! This may be a side effect of living in South Africa – we can’t seem to do anything unless it’s bright and in your face (and in the case of the World Cup – in your ear!).

The bunny also benefits from some decent line work and the addition of some fur details. I’m very happy with the result and I think the design works well for kids shirts. Go have a look at the final product on my Zazzle store.

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