New ideas and doodles

My steampunk airship has become a little whimsicalYesterday I realised that meetings can be used as bonus time to work on new ideas. Rather than nodding off in abject boredom as I’m wont to do, I doodled in my workbook in an effort to stay awake. I have the attention span of a gnat and a 1.5 hour meeting is beyond the scope of my concentration, so doodling becomes a defence mechanism.

Since I started doing designs for t-shirts, I have more focused objectives and plans for new illustrations and this extra doodle time can be used to finish off old ideas that have been rattling around in my head for a while and at the same time, work on new ideas. The possibilities that flow from a simple doodle are endless. I suppose it is fairly obvious that apart from the doodles, I didn’t get much else from the meeting. The coffee was good.

The first image is for my Fly Fishing t-shirt. In my initial sketch, this was a city-scape, but the flying fish and clouds make it much more vibrant. In the second image, I decided to revisit the city, but with my new friend, BatTurtle. He’s the Batman of Ninja turtles. Who needs drugs when you can attend meetings?

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