Random pretties | Armour for cats and mice

While browsing the internet and generally feeding my facebook addiction I stumbled upon the work of Jeff  de Boer. According to his website, he is a multi-media artist with an emphasis on metal. I’m still busy browsing through his portfolio, but I have yet to find an image that doesn’t evoke my primal WANT response. Jeff’s ideas are rich and beautifully executed in whatever medium he chooses to use.

The work that enthralled me the most was his suits of armour for cats and mice. The details added to each suit of armour are exquisite. His suits range in style from traditional medieval plate armour to Japanese Samurai armour, all executed beautifully. For those of you that are interested, there is a photo library on how to design a Samurai cat. Oh, and if you’re looking at his website, go have a look at his space stuff too – totally awesome ^-^
I’ll stop waxing lyrical now and leave you with some eye candy.

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