Squirrels and tricked out walking aids (crutches)

Yes, you read that right. I’ve spent the past week on crutches and the experience has left me with sore hands and a dislike for what seems to be the standard walking aid. I decided that there had to be better ways of getting around than this. Surely? The interwebs did not disappoint me. Admittedly, all these lovely blinged out crutches can mostly be found in the USA, but that’s why they invented couriers, right?

Crutch bagMy favourite site of them all is LemonAid Crutches. The company was started by Laurie Johnson. She was involved in a plane crash in which she lost her husband and son and sustained severe injuries. After a year on crutches her sister helped her to cheer them up by giving them a custom paint job and adding the covered pads. Laurie’s first hand experience has helped her develop an unique product and it’s well worth visiting her website if you’re going to be on crutches for a while.

The flamingo crutch designed by Can Guvenir seems like the most comfortable option of them all. I can’t tell from his blog whether these are in production or whether this is a design concept. The crutches are designed to solve common usage problems one normally encounters with crutches, such as sore hands from being limited to one grip method. This design allows for multiple holding positions and the crutch height is adjustable too.

As you can see, apart from being practical, these crutches are just plain beautiful. I do hope they see the light of day as a product.

The last item on my list is a pair of crutches, or crutch chair, from  designer Yong Rok Kim.  The two crutches can be put together to form a  chair for the user to lean on when he / she is tired from hobbling. You won’t believe what hard work crutches can be if you’re not used to them, so I think this is a great idea.  As an added bonus these crutches don’t look too shabby either. You can go view all the images over at Yanko Design.

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