The Subtleties of Change

The funny thing about change is that most of us immediately think about all the big things – weddings, funerals, divorce, drama. What most of us don’t realise is that change is in everything. It’s so subtle that one day we look up and wonder when all this change snuck up on us. Those new wrinkles appeared overnight and so did the slightly jaded outlook that comes with aging. Okay, maybe that’s just me. I’ll admit to being a bit cynical. But not when it comes to change.

I thrive on change. From a young age I have been a little nomad, living for each move and disruption. This carried through to everything. I moved house at least once a year and changed jobs every second week (temping has its advantages).

This is not something that is sustainable if you’re fond of creature comforts and like most people I have settled into family life with a husband and a regular job. Without realising it I became part of the daily grind and my little nomad soul was itching for a change. I had forgotten that change is constant. No one escapes it.

Kev must have seen me chafing at the bit and prodded me to join him on a business trip to Singapore earlier this year. At first I wasn’t going to go. I have all these responsibilities after all. Who will look after the house and the dogs? But at the last minute I decided that my little nomad soul would love a trip.

Once those tickets were booked the excitement got hold of me. I worked out an itinerary, organised a swim with dolphins and bought all the travel companions a girl could need. Hello Singapore!

We arrived early one Monday morning and as soon as we were checked in at the hotel I went exploring. My husband’s colleagues gave me puzzled looks as I went off in search of adventure every morning. Apparently spouses hook up with each other and go shopping on these jaunts. Go figure. I spent the week walking miles across the city each day and eating exotic dishes at every opportunity. To be honest I think I’ll go back just for the food. Those Singaporeans know how to cook! Goodness knows how they stay so skinny.

It was one of those experiences that stay at the top of lists. Best holiday. Best hotel. Best food (seriously, those guys know how to eat). I brought home more than memories though. A little seed of change came home with me. Or perhaps it had always been with me and I hadn’t noticed it. In the weeks after my trip I started walking. I learned to cook new meals. I looked at my daily grind a little differently.

Change had snuck into my life while I was busy being a responsible adult. I just hadn’t noticed it. I had become indifferent, jaded and middle-aged without realising it. Now, bolstered by my little adventure, I could change my attitude, do something about that sagging middle and embrace the small changes in my life.  My little nomad soul is satisfied with all these little changes.
After all, life is change. To avoid change is to avoid living.

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