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New Urban Fantasy

I recently came across a new urban fantasy author, Gena Showalter. She sold her first book 4 years ago and already has a range of 13 books available, with more in the pipeline. That is a very short time in which to become a New York Times best seller.

The book reviews I found for her looked interesting and I decided to try the first book in her Alien Huntress series, Awaken Me Darkly. The story follows Mia Snow, and alien huntress for the New Chicago Police Department. A series of strange killings (as if there are ever any normal killings) has her and her partner, Dallas, hunting a particularly nasty alien. Do yourself a favour and do not read the official book synopsis – it doesn’t do the book justice at all.


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Warning signs

While browsing the write up for a new sci-fi book I came across a very unusual warning:
Warning:Violence, sex, foul language, science.

I agree, they should always put warning signs on anything that contains science or math. And possibly religion and dogma too.

Have you come across any interesting warning signs?

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Clockwork Heart

Last night I finished my latest ebook acquisition, Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti. The book is billed as a steampunk romance and delivers fast paced action alongside a well thought out world which had me turning the pages obsessively.

The world that Pagliassotti envisions practically jumps from the pages with it’s vividly painted society dependant on large clockwork computers, programmed by punch cards and run by steam. Doesn’t that just make your little steampunk soul soar?


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