Musings on relationships

The thing about relationships is that they are tricksy. And I’m not talking just about the romantic kind (those are complicated enough) but about the relationships we have with coworkers and friends. My geeky friends will probably identify more with this, since as a group we battle to cultivate new relationships easily. If you are one of those lucky geeks that manage to be the life of the party, good on you. I am unfortunately not one of those social flutterbys that can easily forge new friendships and manage myself adroitly in every social situation.

When faced with a breakdown in a relationship I’m generally at a loss. How does one recover something that worked fine for all parties but for some reason or another fell apart? And this happens. We’ve all experienced a situation where a new person in the team manages to wreak havoc as far as they go, yet nobody recognises this until after the fact. Or a new manager is appointed and everybody resigns a month later.

However much I wish that I could sail past these obstacles my natural introverted reaction is to withdraw from the situation and brood. Now there’s a recipe for success. Not. Yet I don’t have the easy grace to smile and move on. How do people do that? Avoid the poisoned apples one is forced to deal with daily and carry on as if the bump in the road didn’t make the wheels come off?

If I ever find the answer I’ll be sure to post it everywhere. In the meantime I remain better at my relationships with my dogs than with people it seems. They don’t mind if I brood either.

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