The death of IE6

It’s official. Internet Explorer 6, more affectionately known as IE6 to most of us, has passed away after 8 years on the Intrawebs scene. You may now take a moment of silence to quietly whoop so as not to disturb the rest of the occupants of your cubicle farm.

Even though most companies, including Google, is ceasing support, some people still have this beauty installed on their computers. The mind boggles. If you are guilty of this, please remedy the situation by getting yourself a new browser. There are many options available such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

To commemorate the event, a design company in Denver hosted the funeral last night. All friends and loved ones were invited and those unable to attend were requested to send flowers. Unfortunately I missed the happy event, but you can still go take a sneaky peeky at the official page and comments. It’s good for a giggle.

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