Irritable Vowels and Owls

I have realised that I’m only happy when I’m making things. Not the kind of things you make at work. Those don’t count because they have to follow so many rules. I’m talking about the kind of things that make you grin. Naughty t-shirts. Paintings for friends. Pewter projects for the kitchen. Fun things.

And this weekend fun things came knocking at my door. A friend posted an image on my facebook page this weekend with a request for a t-shirt. Now that’s what I call a good friend. Instead of laying about wondering which project to work on I had a new project: Irritable Owl Syndrome. What fun! Also, it had swear words and I’m still 10 years old when it comes to swear words *snigger*.

Strangely enough fun things get made in record time too. The Irritable Owl was saying “Fuck Off” to the world 3 hours later at which point Kevin pointed out that I didn’t have to stop there. I could make ALL the irritable things. ALL OF THEM. So now the world also has an Irritable Vowel Syndrome t-shirt. You’re welcome.

Next weekend will probably bring more foul mouthed humour and irritable things. Can you handle the excitement?

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