A small update

Keep Calm and Read OnThis is another semiannual post. It seems anything more than that and we get bad weather down here at the bottom end of Africa. Seeing as the weather is already bad (my ears are freezing!), I thought I may as well. As you can see, some small changes have been made to the blog, colours have  changed and things have been spruced up. Most importantly though, the little Zazzle shop has a whole new range of products. I’m not expecting you to rush out and buy them but would appreciate a visit to the shop to see what I’ve been up to. Go have a look here.

It’s very satisfying to bring a new design to life and even more so when you don’t have a brand manager saying “Move that a bit to the left”. I know all you designers out there can relate. The Keep Calm range was whipped out in a morning and had me almost as happy as Xmas and birthdays. What do you think of making your own version of popular memes?

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