Conversations with Kev | On naming children

On one of our coffee breaks this weekend I was inspecting some wooden bits from Kev’s latest petrol-head project and wondered aloud about what type of wood it was.
“It’s probably Ash,” he told me.
Which got me thinking – I have always liked plant names for children. Tree names for boys and flower names for girls. The idea appeals to me. We don’t have children but for some reason one always speculates about these things. Perhaps it’s a leftover habit from childhood when one tried to picture what the future had in store.
“I would totally name my children after plants,” I informed him about a nanosecond after the thought finished crossing my mind.
He laughed at me and said, “I would call her Ethel. She won’t get laid with a name like that and we’ll have peaceful teenage years.”
I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor Ethel! There’s a reason we don’t have children. Can you imagine the child’s therapy bill?

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