Finally writing that novel

Now NovelSome of you may be aware that my blog writing activities have been curtailed by my novel writing activities. The two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive but since this is a first novel I’m trying to focus my attention on one thing at a time. I have always wanted to write a book. Getting started seemed to be the biggest problem in the process. Fortunately I have a friend who had a great idea to help wannabe writers like me get going. An inspirational PDF document from her is what moved me from thinking to doing. So, if writing a novel is on your Bucket List but you don’t know where to start you should go visit – a website by the team that got me going.

Now Novel is an online writing course created by brother-sister team Brendan and Bridget McNulty. Bridget is a published author (her first novel, Strange Nervous Laughter, was published in South Africa and the USA) and she shares all her tips, tricks and insider information during the Now Novel process.

It’s more than just an online course, it’s more of a guide to how to complete each step of writing the novel – from creating an idea to testing if that idea is really strong enough to support a whole book, coming up with plot and setting details, creating in-depth character studies and even being given a roadmap for what needs to happen when.

As well as the website there’s an inspiring blog filled with writing advice, a forum where you can discuss any writing frustrations with other aspiring authors and a Facebook page with pics and quotes that only book geeks will appreciate!

In short, it’s all the tools you need to finally write that novel… Except the words, that is.

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