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John Scalzi - Agent to the StarsAs an avid reader without access to a good library, I’m constantly looking for ways to feed my habit without breaking the piggy bank. This has become much easier now that books are available in electronic format. There are actually quite a few sites that host only FREE ebooks. No strings attached. How awesome is that?

Often a lot of the work is in the public domain because it’s just so old, but if you’re a fan of the classics, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Fortunately there are a few sites, like ManyBooks,  that also have some very interesting contemporary offerings. One of these (and the review for today) is John Scalzi’s Agent to the Stars.


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Warning signs

While browsing the write up for a new sci-fi book I came across a very unusual warning:
Warning:Violence, sex, foul language, science.

I agree, they should always put warning signs on anything that contains science or math. And possibly religion and dogma too.

Have you come across any interesting warning signs?

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